SINFONIA Research Results

Scientific Publications

We’re making our research findings available free of charge for readers and are providing open access to published papers and reports. The list will be updated as the project progresses.

Deep learning‑based fully automated Z‑axis coverage range definition from scout scans to eliminate overscanning in chest CT imaging Y. Salimi, I. Shiri, A. Akhavanallaf, Z. Mansouri, A. S. Manesh, A. Sanaat, M. Pakbin, D. Askari, S. Sandoughdaran, E. Sharifipour, H. Arabi and H. ZaidiInsights into Imaging 6/11/2021

Public reports/deliverables

Factsheet on diagnostic radiologyJ. Damilakis, J. Stratakis, M. Myronakis30/10/2021Leaflet
Factsheet on radiation therapyA. Dasu, M. Riveira Martín, A. López Medina30/10/2021 Leaflet
Factsheet on nuclear medicineH. Zaidi, M. Riveira Martín, M. Salgado Fernández, K. Bacher 30/10/2021 Leaflet