The Department of Radiology & Medical Informatics of Geneva University (UNIGE), with more than 400 academic and professional collaborators, has the duty of ensuring high-quality clinical service in addition to contributing to the development of advanced multimodality imaging technology. The Division of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging is accredited by the European Association of Nuclear Medicine and has a long tradition in PET/CT and PET/MRI physics and instrumentation as well as clinical research with an ever-increasing interest in computational modelling and radiation dosimetry. The division of Radiology is accredited by the EuroSafe programme of the ESR. Researchers from UNIGE are pioneers in multimodal and multiparametric imaging and quantitative imaging in clinical oncology and leading the European field in multimodal medical image analysis. They are internationally recognised for their experience in computational modelling Monte Carlo simulation-based dosimetry calculations and quantitative analysis of multimodal data.

Role in the project

UNIGE contributes to technical developments in WPs 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. In particular UNIGE will share its expertise in deep learning algorithmic developments and computational modelling for patient-specific dosimetry in CT and nuclear medicine, staff dosimetry and risk analysis to staff and exploitation of tools developed by our lab for data collection and management of big data (WP5). UNIGE also contributes to WPs 6 and 7.