The European Radiation Protection Week 2022 was held in Estoril, Portugal between 9 -14 of October.

SINFONIA project was represented by the Scientific Coordinator, Pro. John Damilakis (University of Crete, Greece), Dr. Dr. Marijke De Saint-Hubert (SCK CEN, Belgium) and Dr. Niki Fitousi (QAELUM, Belgium).

Prof. Damilakis gave a presentation about the estimation of doses for primarily exposed organs/tissues from abdominal CT examinations.

Dr. Saint-Hubert and Dr. Fitousi presented posters on the results of a field survey of staff dosimetry practice in proton therapy centers, and a novel software that can support continuous education in radiology departments, respectively.

For further details check the Programme and Book of Abstracts of the conference here.