8th Smart Development Forum

The 8th Smart Development Forum was organised on 19-20 October 2023 in Uniejów, Poland.

Innovators, scientists, representatives of business and industry, and local government officials met for the eighth time during the Smart Development Forum, which has the main goal of promoting innovativeness in all fields of the Polish economy.

The Smart Development Forum has been organised since 2016 by people and organisations introducing better solutions in their respective areas, whose work influences economic development based on knowledge and innovation. Participants of each edition use creative thinking and the art of innovation to improve the quality of life, making the world better.

More details about the forum are available here.

For the two days, more than 500 representatives of science, industry, and business took part in this unique science and technology event, dedicated to the dissemination of new scientific research and innovative technologies, which hold a promise of marketing success and form the basis for the improvement of quality of life now or in the coming years. The agenda of the Forum consisted of a long list of scientific presentations, power speeches, and debates. Among them, Prof. Renata Mikolajczak (NCBJ) was invited to present the talk titled “Radiopharmaceuticals – what the radioactive drug is?“ and took this opportunity to promote the SINFONIA results as part of this public event.

Fig. 1. Laureates of the Project of the Future award (https://irforum.pl/fotorelacja/)

The 8th Smart Development Forum culminated with the award ceremony, statuettes, and certificates of the „Polish Award of Smart Development”, “Scientists of the Future”, „Brand of the Future” and „R&D Impact” awards were handheld. It is our honour to announce that project SINFONIA and the involvement of the NCBJ’s team was recognised with the “Polish Award of Smart Development” in the category “Project of the Future”.

Fig. 2. Certificate and the statuette of the “Polish Award of Smart Development” in the category “Project of the Future” for SINFONIA.